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Polstjärna is a Swedish foundation whose vision is to support children
and young people in Sweden in the risk zone of social exclusion.
Polstjärna supports projects driven by persons who are dedicated to
inspiring young people to find happiness and their own way in life.
The foundation is driven by the firm belief that society will be a
better place by supporting children and youngsters in need.

Polstjärna is a registered charity (quality controlled) where
donors can direct their support to important local projects in Sweden
or in other parts of the country.

The Board of the Foundation selects and ensures the quality of
projects presented at by setting goals, focus and
ensuring funding. You as a donor can provide support for your favorite
projects easily and securely. When funding requirements are fulfilled
the project starts and you will receive regular feedback through
updates on the website.

The foundation holds a Swedish 90-account and is under strict
regulation by The Swedish Foundation for Regulated Donations (Svensk

For more information, please contact us.